Frozen black truffle: the best alternative to fresh truffle

Frozen black truffle: the best alternative to fresh truffle

The black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) is a seasonal fresh food from the truffle fields between November and March. During the winter months, many restaurants offer black truffles on their menus to the delight of the most refined guests. Black truffle menus are trendy, and their demand has increased exponentially in recent years. Indeed, there are more and more black truffle plantations in Spain and the product benefits from a greater reputation.

It also means that neither chefs nor guests want to wait until the coldest months of the year to enjoy dishes made with black truffles. Why wait until November when you can offer black truffle on a menu all year round?

Frozen black truffle: the best solution for top chefs

Cooking with frozen black truffle is easier than most people think and gives excellent gastronomic results. One of the products most in demand by our chefs are slices of frozen black truffle.

Frozen Truffle

It is an ideal product for chefs who want to continue to include black truffle in their menus during the months when fresh black truffle is not available. Frozen sliced black truffle has many other advantages.

Advantages of cooking with frozen black truffle slices

The thin frozen slices you will find in our 100 g jars can be incorporated directly into your dish: on hot dishes, the truffle reaches its ideal temperature in a few seconds and on temperate or cold dishes, it only takes a few minutes to adapt.

This is because the thickness is sufficiently thin to allow rapid thawing, but sufficiently firm not to break during handling.

Another advantage of frozen sliced black truffle is that it allows you to use exactly the right number of slices for each meal, allowing you to keep the other slices in the freezer for future recipes. This is an advantage that is not obtained with frozen whole black truffles, as they cannot be refrozen.

Taste and aroma of a frozen black truffle

The best way to preserve the taste and aroma of most fresh foods for long periods of time is to freeze them, and truffles are no exception: the best way to present your black truffle recipes when fresh food is not available is with frozen black truffles. The taste and aroma of frozen black truffle slices does not quite match the magic of fresh truffles, but it is the best alternative.

Premium Frozen Truffles

Thanks to our elaborate and precise truffle selection process, we can guarantee that our frozen truffle slices are of the highest quality. It is precisely the lamination process that allows us to detect whether a truffle is ideal, as we can see the entire interior of the truffle, which helps our expert selectors to determine whether a truffle is of high quality.

Once sliced, the truffles are stored in a freezer with a plastic container designed to facilitate their handling by chefs in the kitchen: a pair of tweezers is all that is needed to add the black truffle to recipes very quickly.

There is no doubt about it: frozen black truffles are an excellent solution for extraordinary gastronomic results.


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