How the price per kilo of truffle is fixed

How the price per kilo of truffle is fixed

Truffle is known as an expensive product because we always look at the price kilo, but the reality is that no one can consume a kilo of truffles; simply with 10 grams per person is already considered a good ration for any recipe with truffle. But in this article we will see which variables influence to define this price.

Black truffle or summer truffle, like any other fresh fruit or vegetable, sets its price according to the market. The market is looking for a price to balance the supply of producers and consumer demand. If the offer is superior to the demand the price of the truffle goes down or to the upside if the demand is superior to the offer. In the black truffle there are some physical markets of reference in Spain that are normally done at the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but the reality is that these markets have a high volume of operations but few kg and only serve to have one more reference. When we talk about the market we mean all the important buyers and sellers around the world. We could talk about 50-100 people who communicate with each other and slowly define the price, closing small operations that consolidate the price of the week. One of the important variables for a buyer is to know the potential demand of its customers, how the sales have gone the week before or if it has been left truffle that it has not been able to market, and the clear variable of the producer is to know if its production increases or decreases and if the quality of its truffles is better or worse than the previous week.

The black truffle, which is mostly produced in Spain, begins the campaign in November and ends in March or April, depending on the climatology. We are clear that the price of truffle is fixed according to supply and demand, but this is not the only variable, also the quality makes prices fluctuate significantly, first because with a good truffle the customer almost always repeats and this increases the demand, and consequently the price kilo, and moreover allows the wholesalers to make estoc of ripe and good truffles to manufacture the best products truffled during the year.

When we talk about the price of truffle we should always indicate its quality, but it's like talking about how much a car is worth without indicating more attributes. The price of the truffle when it has just been collected with land has the minimum price and after cleaning and selecting the different qualities is going on the scandalous price. Here is an example of how 1kg of truffle that has been paid to the producer at 600 € can be sold on the market and the commercial margin of 80 € that can be obtained in its marketing:


Price per kilo of reference

Amount Trufa

1kg Truffle with Earth


- 600€

100g of Earth and impurities


+ 0€

50g EXTRA quality


+ 100€

200g quality FIRST


+ 300€

250g quality TROZO


+ 200€

400g of industrial quality


+ 80€

Commercial margin