Black Truffle Salt
Black Truffle Salt
Black Truffle Salt
Black Truffle Salt
Black Truffle Salt

Black Truffle Salt

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Truffle Salt


  • Salt enriched with authentic black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) in freeze-dried form.
  • Exclusive and gourmet flavor enhancer, specially designed for high-end chefs.
  • Elegant presentation in glass jars containing 100g of this refined truffle-infused salt.
  • Crafted by Laumont.

Product description: Black Truffle Salt

Step into the elite culinary universe with our Laumont Black Truffle Salt, a gastronomic gem tailored for chefs and restaurants aiming to add an exclusive touch to their culinary creations. This exquisite blend marries the purity of finely ground sea salt with the prestigious black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) from Laumont, freeze-dried to perfection. 

Black Truffle Salt

With 2% authentic black truffle, each crystal of this truffle-infused salt becomes a culinary masterpiece. The unmatched aroma and flavor of black truffle seamlessly integrate with the fine texture of the salt, providing chefs with an essential tool to elevate their dishes to gourmet heights. 

This truffle salt is the perfect ally to transform everyday dishes into exclusive culinary creations. From simple sides to elaborate main courses, each pinch of this salt adds a touch of sophistication to the culinary creations of the most discerning chefs. 

Black Truffle Salt Recipes

Presented in high-quality glass packaging reflecting the product's refinement, Laumont's Black Truffle Salt is a must-have for chefs and restaurants looking to shine in the realm of haute cuisine. 

Ideas for Using Truffle-infused Salt in the Kitchen:

Elevate your classic side dishes with a touch of distinction. Sprinkle Truffle Salt on roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables, or even simple fries for an explosion of flavor that will delight your diners. 

Unleash your culinary imagination and experiment with Laumont Black Truffle Salt in a variety of dishes. Each pinch of this salt is an invitation to explore new culinary horizons and surprise your customers with unique and unforgettable creations. Gourmet cooking awaits! 

Black Truffle Salt Recipes

Product details


Sea salt 96.7% (salt, anti-caking agent: E535), black truffle 2% (Tuber melanosporum Vitt.), flavors.

Shelf life and storage:

24 months. Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture and a source of light and heat.



More information

We have the IFS FOOD certificate: this means we carry out good food safety and quality practices so that all products are of the highest quality possibility. They certify our fresh, wild and sustainable truffles and mushrooms.

Who trust in us: 

HORECA. We send truffles and mushrooms to 35 countries to the best chefs in the United States, Japan, Chile and all over Europe.

RETAIL. We are the only operator in the network of wholesale markets in Spain to serve selected truffles and mushrooms and distribute them in supermarkets and food shops nationwide.

INDUSTRY. We distribute our products to the catering industry, ready to eat precooked dishesfrozen food, spice shops and meat and sausage companies.