Fresh Summer Truffle - Tuber Aestivum
Fresh Summer Truffle - Tuber Aestivum
Fresh Summer Truffle - Tuber Aestivum
Fresh Summer Truffle - Tuber Aestivum

Fresh Summer Truffle - Tuber Aestivum

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Summer truffle (Tuber aestivum)

  • The summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum) is much more subtle than other better known edible truffles such as the Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) or the white truffle (Tuber Magnatum).
  • Our recommendation for the summer truffle is to enjoy it in a variety of cold dishes.

Availability and campaigns of the summer truffle

  • The summer truffle seasonis between the months of April and August. Occasionally it can be found in March, although it is very likely that the truffle is not yet ripe. The summer truffle reaches its optimum ripeness during the months of June and July.

Quality and portions of the summer truffle

  • You can buy first class summer truffle (weight over 15 g) and small summer truffle (from 8 to 15 g). There are times during the season when the price increases, but we have the option of offering truffle pieces. The price of the small summer truffle is 30% lower than that of the first category truffle.
  • From a simple dish to a sublime dish. Just by adding 10 g of summer truffle you will enhance the dish and enjoy its flavour.

Origin of the summer truffle

  • The summer truffle (Tuber Aestivumcomes from Europe and Asia. We select the freshest summer truffleon the market in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Eastern countries. The origin we provide depends on the climate of each country.

Summer Truffle Price

  • The price of summer truffledepends a lot on the market supply. At the beginning and end of the harvest, the truffle is scarce, and the price can reach up to €300 per kilo at wholesale prices. Buying summer truffles is more affordable during the months of June and July, when there are more truffles. The price of summer truffles during these months will be around €150 or €200 per kilo.

Preserve summer truffle

The summer truffle keeps for more than 15 days with the same aroma and flavour at the beginning of the season. The same goes for its average shelf life, which remains perfect for up to 10 days. We recommend storing it in the refrigerator wrapped in kitchen paper in an airtight container.

Summer truffle recipes

The delicate aroma of the summer truffle means that it is a truffle that does not play a prominent role in the recipes that are made. This is used as an advantage when just a hint of truffle is sought in recipes. If you check out our summer truffle recipes blog, you will see some of our most delicious  truffle recipes:

Product information

 We guarantee quality, aroma and freshness. For more than 40 years we have been selecting and distributing fresh truffles of the highest quality to markets and restaurants  .

 In our selection centre in Tàrrega, we prepare, wash and brush the truffle by hand, one by one, in a packaging that protects the cold chain during the shipping process.


*The truffle is washed, brushed and carefully prepared for delivery. It is shipped with a polystyrene packaging designed to guarantee the highest quality, aroma and freshness, without breaking the cold chain throughout the shipping process. It is delivered in 24h throughout Europe for orders before 14h from Monday to Thursday. Orders from Friday to Sunday are shipped on Monday.