White truffle vinegar 250 ml
White truffle vinegar 250 ml
White truffle vinegar 250 ml

White truffle vinegar 250 ml

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Truffle vinegar with white truffle aroma


  • Balsamic vinegar of Modena
  • Flavour enhancer
  • Contains white truffle flavour (Tuber Magnatum)
  • We are IFS Food certified
  • Produced by Laumont
  • Produced in Spain

Product description

The white truffle vinegar is made from premium quality Modena balsamic vinegar and blends perfectly with the aroma of white truffle (Tuber Magnatum). If you usually use some of our truffle oils, we are confident that this truffle vinegar will exceed your expectations and enhance the recipes of your restaurant.

The composition of this white truffle vinegar is designed to be more consistent than that of our truffle oil. This allows for different results in innovative culinary applications.  The vinegar is impregnated into the food it comes with, which helps to enhance the image of the dish... and the sense of smell: the scent of our oil allows guests to smell the dish before it arrives at their table.

The format of our white truffle vinegar is a 250 ml glass bottle. This allows it to be used internally, in the kitchen, or to be placed on the table for your restaurant's customers to use as they wish.

Recipes with truffle vinegar

 A little drizzle of truffle vinegar will be enough to enhance the flavour of your recipes. The most common use of white truffle vinegar is in salads of all kinds: you can add truffle vinegar to normal salads and turn them into extraordinary salads, pasta salads and vegetable salads. The taste and aroma of truffle vinegar will be greatly appreciated by your guests. In addition, it is designed to have a visually appealing texture.

You could also innovate and add white truffle vinegar to a vegetable pizza. It is an original way to add a touch of truffle to one of your pizzas, or it can be a one-off addition for truffle lovers who come to your restaurant.

Product details


57% Modena balsamic vinegar, sugar, water, glucose-fructose syrup, thickeners (corn starch, xanthan gum), 0.1% dehydrated white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico), flavourings. Contains Sulphites

Shelf life and storage:

24 months



More information

We have the IFS FOOD certificate: this means we carry out good food safety and quality practices so that all products are of the highest quality possibility. They certify our fresh, wild and sustainable truffles and mushrooms.

Who trust in us: 

HORECA. We send truffles and mushrooms to 35 countries to the best chefs in the United States, Japan, Chile and all over Europe.

RETAIL. We are the only operator in the network of wholesale markets in Spain to serve selected truffles and mushrooms and distribute them in supermarkets and food shops nationwide.

INDUSTRY. We distribute our products to the catering industry, ready to eat precooked dishesfrozen food, spice shops and meat and sausage companies.