Truffle breakings and truffle juice: truffle all year round

Truffle breakings and truffle juice: truffle all year round

Black truffles can only be harvested in Spain from October to March. For this reason, at Laumont we are committed to our canned truffle products, such as truffle breakings or truffle juice.

These products are used by the best chefs and gourmet customers who do not want to give up the flavour and aroma of the truffle when it is not available fresh.

Our most appreciated preserved products are the juice and the breakings. They are appreciated for their aroma, texture, flavour, cooking applications and price. A product that may be unknown to a large part of truffle lovers, but that really makes a difference in menus.

In this article we present them to you.

Truffle breakings

What are truffle breakings

Our truffle breakings are authentic truffle grated and cooked and preserved without any kind of preservatives (only its own juice and salt). Our truffle breakings maintains their flavour properties and intensity to the maximum, as the best fresh truffle is used to make the product. The difference between our breakings and our competitors' products is truly overwhelming, as only the best truffles are used and the truffles are finely cut and very pleasant to the palate.

Laumont produces two types of truffle breakings: black truffle and summer truffle. The result is a truffle product that stands out for its excellent aroma and a texture that has many applications in the kitchen.

Uses for truffle breakings

The truffle breakings enhances with its characteristic flavour all those dishes to which you want to give a special touch. As it is already grated, it is easy to apply with a spoon. No cooking is required and it can be used in hot or cold dishes.

A really special product if you want to add truffle to your menu all year round at a more affordable cost.

The breakings are very versatile and can be adapted to all kinds of recipes you can imagine: toasts with cheese, pizzas, purées, pastas or minced meat fillings.

Recipes with black truffle breakings

Here are two suggestions on how to use black truffle breakings in the form of delicious culinary recipes.

Squash cream cream spaghetti with truffle breakings

Sweet potato Montaditos with truffle breakings and cheese

Sweet potato Montaditos with truffle breakings and cheese

Truffle juice

What is truffle juice

Black truffle juice is the extract of fresh truffle when cooked. The extract is obtained by boiling fresh black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum). The liquid retains all the essence of the truffle and as a result a very concentrated truffle juice is obtained.

The juice is obtained from the first cooking. The result is a juice of high quality and flavour, which cannot be compared to other second cooking products. Moreover, there are no preservatives: the product contains only truffle juice and salt.

Uses for truffle juice

Truffle juice is ideal for sauces and stews. It can be used if we want to add a touch of truffle to typical sauces such as mayonnaise, vinaigrette, hollandaise sauce or périgourdine. Likewise, it can be applied while cooking meat stews to provide that special truffle aroma. Its high concentration of truffle means that with a small quantity our recipes have a great added value.

Recipes with black truffle juice

Two applications of black truffle juice in recipe form:

Artichokes and black truffle with truffle juice

Burrata salad with black truffle juice and boletus

Burrata salad with black truffle juice and boletus

Other truffle preserved products

In our shop we also have other types of preserved truffle products. There are whole black truffles and black truffle peelings, which are always first cooking. Their uses and applications are different from the breakings and juice. If you want to find out more, click and read the product sheets for more information.