Black Truffle Breakings
Black Truffle Breakings
Black Truffle Breakings
Black Truffle Breakings
Black Truffle Breakings

Black Truffle Breakings

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Black Truffle Breakings


  • Authentic winter truffle breakings, available in two varieties: first-quality and extra-quality.
  • First cooking
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • We are IFS Food
  • Made by Laumont
  • Product of Spain

Product description

Would you like to add real truffle to your menu all year round?

Simply grab a spoonful of breakings and mix them with your creations or use them to decorate the final dish. That’s it! Ready to serve.

The breakings or grated winter truffle contains only its own juice and salt. It is all natural.

To use, take a spoonful of breakings and decorate your finished dish. Ready to serve.

Enhance the visual appeal of your dishes with a touch of elegance and luxury. Present them to the table with impressive results.

As for the name of the dish, it's nicer to read on "Rigatonis with grated truffle with pork belly and egg yolk". It sounds more tempting. This helps you to enhance your menu, boost sales and attract new truffle-loving or curious customers who have never tried it.

Black truffle breakings are made from delicious ripe Melanosporum truffles. We collect the best truffles and preserve them. When you open the tin, you will feel all the aroma and flavour of fresh truffles that have been stored since they were harvested. This way, we also ensure that we have truffles every month of the year.

Just imagine. A pizza dough with black truffle breakings. It's unbelievable. You can make this the best-selling pizza in your restaurant.

Buying black truffle breakings saves you time in the kitchen. You don't even have to turn on the food processor, it comes grated.

Available varieties of truffle breakings: first-quality and extra-quality

  • First black truffle breakings: Breakings made using well-ripened truffles. A high-quality product with countless culinary applications, aimed at high-end restaurants.
  • Extra black truffle breakings: The very best breakings on the market, made using truffles that are specially selected at their most ripe to produce the most exclusive, top-quality breakings for the finest restaurants.

How to use truffle breakings

Try it everywhere: bread and pizza doughs, parmentier, sweet potato puree, potato or pumpkin cream. Try it with minced meat to make fillings. And try some truffled desserts such as ganache or white chocolate. Experiment as far as your imagination takes you.

Product details


98% wild Tuber Melanosporum, 1% Tuber melanosporum juice and 1% salt.

Shelf life and storage:

Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days. Lasts for 36 months if unopened.



More information

We have the IFS FOOD certificate: this means we carry out good food safety and quality practices so that all products are of the highest quality possibility. They certify our fresh, wild and sustainable truffles and mushrooms.

Who trust in us: 

HORECA. We send truffles and mushrooms to 35 countries to the best chefs in the United States, Japan, Chile and all over Europe.

RETAIL. We are the only operator in the network of wholesale markets in Spain to serve selected truffles and mushrooms and distribute them in supermarkets and food shops nationwide.

INDUSTRY. We distribute our products to the catering industry, ready to eat precooked dishesfrozen food, spice shops and meat and sausage companies.