Our Growers

Truffle Producers

The first truffle plantations in Spain were made in the late 80s and early 90s. Little by little this activity has been consolidated over time and today there are many families who live directly or indirectly from this activity.

In Laumont we have bought wild truffles direct from pickers for more than 40 years. Nowadays many of them have their own plantations and continue to pick truffles. In Spain there is an unbeatable business environment of mycorrhiza companies, truffle trees, hunting dogs and a whole business cluster focused on improving the performance of plantations.

These collectors find in Laumont a key allied for their business. We work regularly every week of the campaign side by side to collect and sell their truffles in the best national and international markets. We understand their problems and treat relationship with them in the most serious and professional way that we have learned during decades of relationship.

At the time of collection, the Laumont commercial agent generates a delivery note with an app integrated with our ERP indicating the kg per batch and closes the bags with a flange. Once the batches are received at the factory, they are cleaned and selected individually. Every week each producer receives a scandal of their truffles with up to 11 different qualities and calibers so that they know exactly the quality of their truffles. We always invite producers to be able to attend the scandals of their games in order to learn what is valued and to improve their results.

If you have a plantation and want to start working with us, you can contact us at +34 973 500 323 at our truffle selection factory in Tàrrega, Lleida.