Truffle Farmers Working with Laumont

"I have been working with Laumont for many years and this allows me to have peace of mind and a guarantee when it comes to selling all the truffles. From my point of view, having a company that guarantees you that it will buy all your production and that will make a fair payment immediately after the delivery of your production provides a lot of peace of mind and confidence."

These are the words of Chencho, a truffle farmer in Navarre, Spain, who has been working with Laumont for a number of years. In this interview, he tells us all about how he got started, as well as his experiences, opinions and his relationship with Laumont.

The Truffle Producers

The first truffle orchards in Spain were created at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. Little by little, the number of truffle orchards has steadily grown and there are currently many families earning a living either directly or indirectly from the truffle business.

At Laumont, we have been buying wild truffles from truffle hunters for over 40 years, and many of them now own their own truffle orchards. In Spain, there is now a dynamic business landscape of mycorrhiza companies, truffle trees and hunting dogs and an entire business cluster dedicated to improving the performance of these orchards.

For these truffle farmers, Laumont is a key business partner. We work side by side with them each week throughout the season to gather and sell their truffles to the best domestic and international markets. Having worked together now for decades, we understand the challenges they face and maintain a committed professional relationship with them at all times.


Once the truffles are collected, a Laumont commercial agent generates an invoice using an app connected to our ERP system, indicating the kg per lot, and closes the bag with a zip tie. Once received at the factory, the truffles are individually washed and sorted. Each week, the producer receives a valuation of their truffles according to 11 different criteria so that they know the exact quality of the truffles they produce. We always invite our producers to take part in the valuation process so that they can learn what their truffles are worth and try to improve.