Our mission is that high quality mushrooms and truffles make it to everyone who wants to taste them and enjoy them with all five senses. Wherever they are. Thus, throughout our 40 years of history, we have continued to research and apply preservation techniques so our fresh produce is distributed easily and safely. We were pioneers in the commercialization of fresh mushrooms and truffles, and we continue to lead the market.

We believe in real sensations -- of land, territory and contact with life -- and in the purity of nature and the grandeur of the finite. That’s why we invest in fresh produce.

Listening makes us grow. Through our efforts to respond to our customers’ needs, we have ended up producing canned, dehydrated and frozen mushrooms and truffles. This type of product is what brings Laumont to 35 countries and to the kitchens of international chefs.

Laumont is the only trader in the Spanish wholesale market network specialized exclusively in serving selected truffles and mushrooms. In the forests of Spain, our team of over 2,500 people pick the best mushrooms and truffles, which are sent to our selection centres in Tàrrega and Valladolid.

From these points, we export to 35 countries and accompany our clients on the path toward elevating their services to excellence, whether in industry, hospitality and food service or retail sale. Year after year, we implement harvesting improvements to allow us to buy the highest quality mushrooms and truffles.