Mushroom Foragers

As a professional mushroom hunter, what I appreciate most about Laumont is that they’re always there for you. There are many other suppliers I could sell to if I wanted to. But, for example, when the season starts, you might go and collect half a kilo. No one is going to buy that off you, but if you go to Laumont, he will. And it’s the same at the end of the season."

These are the words of Rubén Monforte, a professional mushroom forager who has been working regularly with Laumont for more than 20 years. In this interview, he tells us more about his experiences:

Foragers, Turning Mushroom Hunting into a Profession

One of Laumont’s most important assets is our purchasing network, which allows us to acquire and sell truffles and mushrooms from Spain’s rich mycological regions as quickly as possible.

Laumont has procurement points run by local commercial agents situated as close to the point of collection as possible. This way, we can acquire mycological products as soon as they come out of the forest to guarantee maximum freshness.