Our Clients

Distribution in supermarkets and food shops.

We are the only trader in the wholesale market network in Spain specialized in serving only selected truffles and mushrooms. We supply supermarkets and food shops with the best in-season truffles and selected wild mushrooms picked daily.

We serve domestically cultivated mushrooms, like the classic button, as well as international mushrooms imported directly from Asia, like the shiitake, enoki, beech (shimeji) and king oyster.

The packaging used helps lengthen the product’s shelf life, maintains its qualities, textures and scents, and includes recommendations for the end consumer.

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Hospitality and food service.

Laumont is the secret ingredient of chefs who create complete and surprising experiences. Our distribution network and packaging system integrated into our ERP allow us to send truffles and mushrooms to 35 countries, with gastronomic cultures as demanding as those of the United States or Japan.

Together, we elevate gastronomy to a complete sensory experience. Our exhaustive source monitoring, selection experience and quality control allow us to preserve the properties of our mushrooms and truffles and commercialize them in the best conditions.

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We adapt to the demands of any client.

We work with food companies that use truffles and mushrooms as ingredients in the preparation of their final products. We guarantee product homogeneity at a competitive price. Our biggest customers include hospitality product manufacturers, pre-cooked meals and frozen-food distributors, spice makers, and meat and sausage companies.

We listen to their needs and offer solutions with mushrooms and truffles harvested under a thorough source monitoring system, with extensive selection experience and following the the strictest standards of quality control. We have the most important international food safety certification, the IFS Food standard.

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