Black Truffle peeling 200g
Black Truffle Peelings

Black Truffle Peelings

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Black Truffle Peelings


  • Made by Laumont
  • 100% black truffle melanosporum
  • First cooking of the black truffle
  • Extra quality black truffle
  • Endorsed by the international food safety label IFS Food
  • Free of preservatives and additives
  • Product of Spain

Product description

The truffle peelings tin is ideal for storage and use in professional kitchens.

If you like winter truffles, you will love the vacuum-packed black truffle peelings version with its own juice, salt and nothing else. As soon as you open it, you'll notice its intense smell. And in the mouth, it leaves all the flavour of the truffle. It is an incredible product, which is even more aromatic than the truffle.

Thin slices of high quality truffle cut with all its outer layer and boiled in water. We carefully select, handle and pack them ourselves directly into the tin in our truffle and mushroom selection centres.

Black truffles, known as the "black diamond", are harvested by truffle farmers and their dogs, who know the terrain to perfection. Using a combination of intuition and experience, they travel for miles in search of the black truffle. When the dog detects it with its sense of smell, the truffle grower digs with their hands about 5 centimetres or even deeper, as patiently as an archaeologist would. It is known as the black diamond for a reason.

When buying truffle peelings, there are so many advantages to enjoy

  • Saves you a bit of work in the kitchen, they come pre-sliced!
  • It is an excellent substitute for fresh truffles to prepare and finish off dishes at a good price.
  • It can be cooked. You have the option to experiment with recipes that could not be done with a fresh truffle, which is eaten raw and grated over eggs or pasta.
  • Moreover, you can have it available every day of the year. The black truffle season only lasts from December to March.
  • Chef, if you want to work with products that give you real flavours, you have found it here.

How to use truffle peelings

It is surprising to see how truffle peelings are an all-rounder for many dishes.

Remove the skin from turkey or other poultry and place the truffle peelings underneath before baking. It gives a lot of umami. It also works with stews and sauces, bringing a very tasty flavour.

It can also be mixed with cream cheese, risottos, polenta, even for turkey stuffing. In short, adding truffle slices gives depth and complexity to dishes. And it ends up delighting even those who are trying it for the first time and even chefs!

Product details


Tuber melanosporum, tuber melanosporum juice and salt.

Shelf life and storage:

Once opened, keep refrigerated for 5 days. Long shelf life. 36 months.



More information

We have the IFS FOOD certificate: this means we carry out good food safety and quality practices so that all products are of the highest quality possibility. They certify our fresh, wild and sustainable truffles and mushrooms.

Who trust in us: 

HORECA. We send truffles and mushrooms to 35 countries to the best chefs in the United States, Japan, Chile and all over Europe.

RETAIL. We are the only operator in the network of wholesale markets in Spain to serve selected truffles and mushrooms and distribute them in supermarkets and food shops nationwide.

INDUSTRY. We distribute our products to the catering industry, ready to eat precooked dishesfrozen food, spice shops and meat and sausage companies.